Venus and daughterI am a mum of one who is passionate about sharing the benefits of signing with other parents and babies/toddlers in the Canberra area.

Our daughter totally persuaded me about the effectiveness of signing for babies, and here is her story.

She started to sign at the age of 13 months, when classes were offered at the childcare centre she attended in the UK.  Parents were invited to attend the classes with their children if they were available.  I used to be a sceptic but signing turned out to be such a rewarding experience for both of us.

Signs were learnt through song, play and books.  It was important to me that the signing program was backed by sound research. Through the consistent use of signs along with vocalising the words, both at home and the childcare centre, within a matter of weeks, my daughter was using signs to tell us whether she was “full”, “hungry”, “thirsty” or “tired”.

It took out a lot of guess-work and reduced a lot of frustration.  It was delightful to be able to talk to her about her day and how she felt even before she could talk!  She became such a confident communicator and a happy girl (most of the time).  Her vocabulary expanded exponentially.

Signing made it possible for us to help her to be potty trained at an early age.  She loved all the Babysigns® Potty Train resources.  It made the process so much more fun!

Every child is born with a desire to communicate.  Babies understand so much more than we think they do and they are very keen to tell you about it.  The evidence based BabySigns® program is a wonderful tool to help maximise the potential of your baby and to treasure those precious conversations.  I am excited to be able to bring this program to you.

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