Baby Signs® Canberra at the Woden Festival

We had our inaugural attendance at the local festival on Saturday.  It was an early start and we were a bit amateurish at it, but we went armed with stickers, free signing bookmarks and treats to give away.  The weather was better than expected as it was forecast to rain earlier in the week but all we got were strong gusts of wind once in a while.  There was generally a good turn out at the festival.  We were directly across from the face painters and the circus workshop, and the patting paddock was close by.  So we couldn’t have asked for a better position for the stall.

Beebo, the baby signs bear, greeted a lot of delighted children at the festival.  He also helped to give out treats to families who enquired about the classes.  We were glad to be able to meet other parents who were very enthusiastic and passionate about using signs to communicate with their babies because of their own positive experiences.  A couple of families signed up for the Sign, Say and Play classes.  It is looking like a class will definitely go ahead in March next year, so watch this space.

The next promotional outing will be the Tuggeranong Festival on 1 December :).  Hopefully we can drum up more interests for the classes then.

Our stall at the Woden festival

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